Using Detox Pills 

I have been using detox pills in order to get to my goal weight. So far I am doing well with it and have lost about 15lbs. I plan to keep up with my exercises too. I need to do them in addition to taking the pills.

At first I wasn't sure I should take the detox pills. I didn't want to feel like I was giving up or do something that wouldn't be good for me. I was a little worried about how they would make me feel.

I decided to do a lot of research on the matter. It was easy to do as there is a lot of information on them online. I made a lot of notes and looked over them many times. I also talked to a few people about what I should do.

In the end I decided to take them and I am glad that I did. They have been good for me and I haven't had any issues with them which is good. I have been able to lose weight and I should be able to lose a bit more too.

It will be nice to not be overweight anymore. Especially in the summertime. I always felt weird going to the pool. I felt like I had to cover up and I didn't like that very much. Next summer should be a lot better and I should be able to buy a new bathing suit to wear. It will be good.

If I lose more weight, which I am hoping that I will, I should be able to buy some new clothes. It has been a while since I have bought anything for myself so it will be nice to do. I decided that once I lose another 10lbs I will go out and buy a few new items to reward myself.

I think the hardest part of weight loss is sticking with it. It is a long road and sometimes it feels too easy to give up. The important thing is to keep at it and keep it fresh. Try new things if the old methods are not working anymore.

It will feel good to be at my goal weight. I will be excited when I get there. And I will plan to work as hard as I can on my weight loss until I do get to where I want to be.